Big Brother 2015 Episode 35 Recap: Goodbye, Julieuuh

This week in the Big Brother 2015 house, Julia Nolan and Liz Nolan face eviction. All summer, the twins have played together. First by pretending to be one person, and next as two separate houseguests. Now their togetherness ends tonight.


This Big Brother 2015 episode starts with the twins trying to decide who to keep this week. Originally, the houseguests decide to keep Julia and send home Liz. It seems like the smartest game move. However, Austin Matelson starts to imply that Vanessa is untrustworthy. It might be a smarter move to keep Liz and evict Julia.

They then take their proposal to Vanessa. She doesn’t know if this is good for her game, but then she figures out a way to turn it around. She gives Liz and Austin some stipulations. The first is that they nominate Steve Moses and John “Johnny Mac” McGuire over her. She only goes up if one of them wins the Veto. Next, she wants to be sure that they take her to the final three. Finally, if only one of them make it to the final two, they have to pick her if they win the final Head of Household competition.

They agree to all these stipulations, but have no plan to hold up to them.

A Special Surprise


Host Julie Chen then talks to the houseguests. This is just an introduction to family videos. Each remaining houseguest watch videos from their love ones. Vanessa and Steve cry a little after seeing their videos.

Next, we are treated to a segment from the jury house. Shelli Poole, Jackie Ibarra, and Becky Burgess all say that they hope they don’t see Meg Maley or James Huling enter the house next. First Meg enters. Everyone is sad, but excited to see her. They watch the video of her eviction week.

While watching the video, James surprises them. Meg is really upset to see James leave right after her. They soon watch his video. The houseguests then comment on who they believe is playing the best game. James thinks it is the Austins, but Shelli thinks Vanessa is earning her win.

Live Vote and Eviction


Liz gives a really heartfelt goodbye speech to Julia, which Julia recipricates in her speech. Tears all around for the twins. All the houseguests vote to evict Julia. During Julia’s eviction interview, Julie asks her about Austin, and what she believes will happen with their future.

During the goodbye message, Johnny Mac takes a dig at Julie, saying he wish he could take out her sister and her. This is probably part of his plan to get some blood on his hands.

Endurance Comp Start:

Under The Rainbow: Houseguests have to navigate ten eggs through a rainbow shaped netted device, similar to the competition played in many seasons, including Big Brother 16. The first houseguest to place all ten of their eggs wins Head of Household for this week.

Join us later tonight for the results of this week’s Big Brother 2015 Head of Household competition.

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