Big Brother 2015 Predictions: Who Will Be Evicted in Week 11?

Later tonight, either Liz Nolan or Julia Nolan leaves the Big Brother 2015 house. For the first five weeks, Liz and Julia played as one houseguest, switching in and out frequently. They were part of the biggest twist of Big Brother 17.


The twist pretty much bombed. Nevertheless, it allowed Liz and Julia to make it to the final six together. Now, the houseguests have only one choice: eliminate a twin. To most Big Brother 2015 fans, the smartest decision seems to be to evict Liz.

Liz is a stronger physical competitor, she is the person that connects Julia and Austin Matelson. Without her, they become two solo competitors. It makes it more likely that Julia or Austin would take someone else to the final two than each other.

This seems like the simple solution. But it is not the one that the houseguests have chosen. Liz and Austin made Vanessa Rousso agree to vote out Julia over Liz. She definitely gave them some stipulations with it, but agreed to their decision.

It seems highly unlikely that votes will switch at this point in the week. Additionally, we can kind of see why John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Vanessa are okay with this decision. Right now, everyone sees John as the easy win final two option.


He has not yet won a Head of Household, he seems goofy (so bad at speeches), and he has been evicted. Everyone believes that they can beat John in a final two situation. Julia also has the easy to beat title. Without Julia around, John becomes the one everyone wants to go against in the final.

Liz has proven herself to be a better competitor than Julia, but Vanessa still beats Liz in most competition scenarios. Therefore, Vanessa is not too worried about facing Liz in a final three round. Additionally, Liz sticking with Austin makes them a bigger threat than her. They are a pair, whereas she is a solo. Pairs beat solos in most target situations.

So pairs need to be eliminated as people edge closer to the finals. So despite what fans may want (Liztin split), it is not a completely terrible idea to evict Julia over Liz, which will happen tonight.

Julia will be evicted by a 3-0 vote.

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