Big Brother 2015: Who Should Be Evicted in Week 11? (POLL)

On tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode, Austin Matelson won the Veto and removed himself from the block. Next, Head of Household Steve Moses was force to nominate a replacement. This move put sister against sister on the block.


Julia Nolan went on the block next to Liz Nolan. Originally, the plan was to evict Liz this week because she was better at competitions. However, Austin convinced the twins to keep Liz and let Julia go the jury house.

They then told Vanessa Rousso their wishes. Vanessa was not sure
if keeping Liz was best for her game. Therefore, she made Liz and Austin promise her a few things. First she made them promise to not make her an initial nominee, if one of them won Head of Household next week. Second, she wanted the power to decide who gets evicted between John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Steve, if they are on the block together next week.

Vanessa’s final demand was that if it comes to a Liz, Austin, and her final three, they must both agree to pick her over each other. They agreed to all of her demands.


However, Liz already told Julia that she has does not plan to stay true to Vanessa’s demands. All this deal did was expose Vanessa’s game, and give Austin and Liz exactly what they want.

So as of now, Julia will be evicted tomorrow, but should John and Vanessa blindside Austin and Liz by taking her out instead of Julia? Or is taking out Julia the smarter option right now?

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