BB12 Spoilers: First Nominations, and First Showmance!

**Warning, spoilers ahead, do not read if you want to be surprised!**

Well it is our 400th post here on our Big Brother Blog, and it’s been a great ride so far, so what better way to deliver number 400 than with the seasons first spoilers and showmance news!  As we all saw last night on the premiere, Hayden is the first HOH.  For those of you that have been watching the live feeds and/or After Dark, you know that Hayden has nominated Rachel and Brendon.  It’s not clear why he made those choices, but we will hear all about it Sunday.  In an interesting tidbit, it seems that Rachel and Brendon are also the seasons first showmance, as a make out session between the two was talked about last night, and then last night on the live feeds we saw another Rachel/Brendon make out session, and it looks like they are even sharing a bed.  We figured there would be at least one night of everyone getting along, but it seems alliances are already being formed, and some people are already being singled out for elimination.  Andrew doesn’t seem to be very popular in the house, as his antics and humor aren’t going over too well with the other houseguests. 

Feel free to share your initial thoughts on the house, there is a lot of talking and planning going on already, so it will be interesting to see who pisses off who first and delivers the first fight in the house.

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  • lilbaseballpro05

    Sha nay nay here. I knew from day 1 that brittany and cathy were mother and daughter. Brittany is the saboutage.