Big Brother 2015 Episode 34 Recap: Liz and Austin Break Up to Make Up

On Sunday’s Big Brother 2015 episode, Liztin (Liz Nolan and Austin Matelson) found themselves on the block together, and battling it out for safety. Their best hope of survival was for Julia Nolan to win the power of Veto and use it on Liz.


With Liz and Julia both off the block, Austin remained on it next to either Vanessa Rousso or John “Johnny Mac” McGuire. Then Liz and Julia would vote one of them out, keeping all three of the Austwins in the game.

It was a perfect, nearly flawless plan. However, the Austwins temporarily forgot how clever Vanessa is at this game. Here’s how it all went down on tonight’s Big Brother 17 episode.

Vanessa’s Mist

Prior to the Veto competition, Liz, Austin, and Julia discuss how critical it is that Julia wins the Veto. Big Brother 10 and 11 alumnus Jessie Godderz, aka Mr. PEC-Tacular, comes to host the Veto competition.image

Bowlerina: For this competition, players must spin fifteen times to lower their lane. They then must try to knock down all four pins before the lane comes back up. If they do not knock down all their pins before the lane reemerges, they must go spin fifteen more times.

The players are drawn in a random order. The first person up is Liz.

Round 1: Liz versus Steve. Liz advances to the next round.
Round 2: Julia versus…Austin. Austin advances to the next round.
Round 3: John versus Liz. John advances to the next round.
Round 4: Vanessa versus Austin. Austin advances to the next round.
Round 5: Austin versus John. Austin wins the Power of Veto.

During the Power of Veto Ceremony, Vanessa whispers to Julia to pick Austin. She says that it is the smartest move to keep both twins safe. Julia listens to Vanessa’s suggestion. This causes a huge scene where Austin starts fighting for his life. He also shouts about Judas playing, not him. During the final round, Austin asks John to throw him the Veto. John does it because he decides that taking out one of the twins is better for his game this week. He knows that Vanessa just created an enemy with Austin.

Shattered Glass


Austin and Liz are angry at Julia for listening to Vanessa. They tell her to confront Vanessa about why she messed up their plan. Vanessa convinces Liz and Julia that Austin has wanted Julia out the game. He was not looking out for what was best for them. Slowly, Liz and Julia start to believe Vanessa’s claims.

Things go from bad to worse for Austin when Liz starts to distance herself from him. He then calls Vanessa in a room alone so they can talk.

She says that he wasn’t looking out for her by trying to help Julia win it. He decides to bite his tongue for now and just reconcile with Vanessa. Later, Liz tells Austin that she wants to breakup with him. She has realized that he is not the guy she wants to date because of his behavior during the Veto (gloating about his win, and not dying on his sword for her).



Liz forgives Austin and they repair their relationship. Much later, Austin uses the Veto to save himself. Julia goes up as a replacement nominee.

Tomorrow either Liz or Julia will be evicted from the Big Brother 17 house.

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