BB12 Spoilers: First POV Ceremony Results

**Warning, spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

For the past couple of days many Big Brother fans have been frustrated with the lack of action in the house, and the general feeling that everyone pretty much likes everyone else.  Well that is probably about to change after today’s POV ceremony.  As we reported a couple of days ago, Brendon won the POV competition, and today he used it on himself as expected.  Things have flip flopped a few times as to who would go up as replacement nomination, but Hayden officially picked Annie as the replacement nom, causing some hostility in the house.  Annie apparently reacted by calling out Britney during the ceremony for talking about her behind her back, and immediately started packing her bags, which rubbed many houseguests the wrong way.  So the tension is in the air, and it looks like Annie could be the person to start the first fight in the house, as she’s being very vocal about her feelings about being put up and probably being the first to go home.  Follow all the action and see how our first taste of real hostility in the house plays out on the BB12 live feeds.