Big Brother 2015: Episode 34 Preview-More, More, and MORE (VIDEOS)

In case you forgot there is MORE Big Brother 17 left to play out. Tonight a new episode of Big Brother 17 airs, followed by another episode on Thursday (at a new time). We have about two weeks left before the season finally ends but lots of more game excitement ahead.


Though we are approaching the home stretch, CBS wants to make sure that we remember there is a lot more to come, just in case we were ready to tune out. The latest promotional video promotes the rest of the season as getting bigger and better. It does not focus too much on the events expected to happen on tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode.

Instead, it focuses on talking about the season in general. We see flash images of the remaining six houseguests talking about the season. It is one of those take one words from their Diary Room sessions to emphasize the message of the voice over videos.

The promo shows Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan especially, probably due to their uncertain fate this week. We see mostly already used clips. Check out the latest Big Brother 2015 promotional video below. Join us tonight for a recap of the episode.

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