Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: The Austwins Plot Against Vanessa

A few Big Brother 17 weeks ago, Vanessa Rousso’s game seemed near its death. The first week was when Becky Burgess won Head of Household. She made the biggest attempt to take out Vanessa, and she failed. A few week’s later, Vanessa’s Big Brother 2015 game was still shaky.


However, for the last couple of weeks, Vanessa has positioned herself quite nicely. She is playing the middle man between two pairs (John ‘Johnny Mac” McGuire and Steve Moses, and Liz Nolan/Julia Nolan and Austin Matelson). This week, she hopes to evict Liz to make herself even more comfortable.

Vanessa has a final two deal with Steve, Johnny Mac, Julia, and Austin. This means that there is a high chance she could get taken to the finals. However, both Austin and Steve are on to Vanessa. Yesterday, Austin spoke to Julia and Liz about his suspicion toward Vanessa playing both sides. He figured out that Vanessa probably formed an alliance with Steve and Johnny Mac, like she has with them.

Meanwhile, Steve started to suspect the same thing. He talked about how he now trusted Johnny Mac way more than Vanessa, based on her recent questionable activities. One of the only things happening today in the Big Brother 2015 house is that the Austwins are starting to become even more suspicious of Vanessa.

Austin, Liz, and Julia plan to expose Vanessa’s game to Johnny Mac, so that he can evict her instead of them. They have also decided to keep Liz in the game, instead of Julia. They plan to ask Johnny Mac and Vanessa to vote to keep Liz.

If Vanessa refuses to do it, Austwins plan to really expose her game to Johnny Mac. It does not seem like Austin is willing to make the move himself. Therefore, if he wins Head of Household, Vanessa is probably still safe.

Johnny Mac seems very aware of Vanessa’s game, which means it does not seem likely that he would take out Vanessa either. However, he could use the Austwins information to create tension between her and Austin, going into the final weeks.

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