BB12 Spoilers: The Saboteur Delivers Another Message

Earlier tonight we saw the saboteur tell the houseguests that two people in the house are life long friends, which of course caused more speculation and paranoia in the house.  While tonight’s show was taped from a few days ago, today live in the house, the saboteur once again appeared before the house and had another interesting bit of news.  The saboteur told the house that he had escaped them this week, and would remain in the house.  This information tells us that neither Rachel, or Annie (who was a major saboteur suspect) are in fact not the saboteur.  So the field has been narrowed down to the other 11 houseguests, and tomorrow night America will find out who the saboteur is.  Much speculation has pointed to both Andrew and Brendon, but in reality it could be the person we least expect.  Hopefully the action in the house picks up when the saboteur uses some of America’s ideas in the house and wreaks even more havoc.  Keep up with what the saboteur may do next on the BB12 live feeds.