Big Brother 2015: Week 11 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

On Sunday’s Big Brother episode, Steve Moses finally made a move against his Scamper Squad alliance, specifically the Austwins. He nominated showmance couple Liz Nolan and Austin Matelson. He planned to evict Liz, but Austin was a viable backup option.


On Saturday, Austin stepped up to the challenge and won the Veto. This eliminated Steve’s backup plan, but kept his target intact. It also meant that Steve would make himself even more of an enemy with the twins by nominating Julia Nolan next to Liz.

After a really dramatic last few days, Steve stuck to his plan. Austin used the Veto on himself, and Julia went up as a replacement nominee. On Thursday, either Liz or Julia will be evicted from the Big Brother 2015 house.

It may seem clear to everyone that Liz should go to the jury house. However, Vanessa Rousso suggested that the houseguests let Liz and Julia pick who to evict. We do not know if they will stick with that proposal, but even if they do, it seems that Liz wants to allow Julia the chance to win the game, a noble act from Liz. We are just not sure Julia has a shot at winning the game.

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