Big Brother 2015: Episode 33 Preview-A War Begins (VIDEO)

It has been an emotional Big Brother 2015 week. On Thursday, Vanessa Rousso and Liz Nolan evicted Meg Maley and James Huling. This left the majority of the Big Brother 17 house comprised of Scamper Squad members. John “Johnny Mac” McGuire was the odd man out. So he should have been this week’s target, right?


Prior to Johnny Mac’s eviction, he formed a new alliance with Steve Moses and Vanessa. Vanessa formed this alliance to basically have her cake and eat it too. She wanted to have two strong sides going against one another, while she rode the middle. The eviction of Meg and James made Vanessa’s plan work out perfectly.

Now that her only non-allies are gone, she has to join a side.

The promotional video for tonight’s all new Big Brother 2015 episode gives a lot of attention to the shattered alliance. It depicts this week’s events as a start of a war. It is Scamper Squad members against each other. Who gains all the power? Quite a dramatic depiction of the rest of the season, but a pretty accurate one.

From now on, it should be the Austwins battling the Rockstars, with Vanessa flipping back and forth and controlling evictions.

Check out the promotional video below. Then join us again later tonight for another Big Brother 2015 recap.

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