The Saboteur Revealed, and Evicted, All in Week 1

Tonight’s huge first live show is in the books, and the game has changed in multiple ways.  Our first surprise of the night was that Annie was revealed as the saboteur.  Being that the saboteur gave the house a message saying that they didn’t get them this week, everyone thought it wasn’t Annie or Rachel, but as it turns out the message was just an attempt by Annie to throw them off.  So just as we found out the identity of the saboteur, minutes later she was evicted from the house by a unanimous vote.

It does kind of suck for the season since the big twist is already over, although Annie did tell Julie she had one more surprise for the house.  It also sucks because things really heated up between Rachel and Annie just as Annie was exiting the house.  Rachel had quite the goodbye message for Annie that let her know she was glad to see her go, to which Annie replied that Rachel got her “sloppy seconds,” which even got a rise out of Julie. 

The next big turn in the game was Rachel winning HOH, which obviously shifts power to Rachel and Brendon’s side and away from “The Brigade.”  Will it turn out that Rachel was right and the house screwed themselves over by not breaking up the Brendon/Rachel alliance?  Will Rachel and Brendon target the “mean girls” alliance of Monet and Britney?  Or will the break  up of the Brigade begin?  Hopefully all of this will cause some much needed commotion in the house and the live feeds should be interesting to watch and see how it all unfolds – not to mention the fact that Rachel and Brendon will have the HOH room privacy for the week which will no doubt be put to use.