Last Chance to Save 20% on the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds!

Big Brother 16Can you believe the kickoff to the Big Brother 16 season is this week?!  It’s definitely true and all the action begins this Wednesday (June 25th) with part 1 of the 2 night Big Brother Premiere on CBS.  Of course all of this means the all new HD live feeds will begin on Thursday night (June 26th) and now is your last chance to lock in 20% off with the special early bird price.

The buildup to the Big Brother 16 season has been bigger than ever, and of course the talk of the Big Brother world right now is the cast reveal that took place last week.  It looks like we have a great cast of 16 diverse houseguests that are 100% newbies with no veterans joining the cast this year – and we all know how great an all new excited cast of houseguests can be in the house! 

The excitement for this year’s season is not without reason, and CBS has been steadily dropping bits of information that would have any true Big Brother fan exited.  From the show being broadcast in HD for the first time ever, to the announcement that this season will feature TWO HOHs every week (at least for the first few weeks) and that an all new competition titled “Battle of the Block” will take place and leave only ONE of the HOHs with true power each week.  And don’t forget, this year’s feeds will be more interactive than ever!  Featuring live chats, member-only votes that will influence aspects of the game, and many more exclusives for live feeders only.  And don’t forget, the feeds can be viewed on any mobile device as well!

With 16 brand new houseguests in the house and so many twists going on that it will be virtually impossible for any “floaters” to go too far in the game, we are in for a wild ride and it all begins this week!  Don’t forget, now is your last chance to lock in the special price on live feeds, so take advantage while you still can!  Special thanks to all of you that have already or plan on subscribing to the feeds from our site; it is greatly appreciated and greatly helps support our efforts on the site!

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