Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 11 Power of Veto Results

Yesterday, Head of Household Steve Moses took aim at the final showmance in the Big Brother 2015 house. Immediately, it caused problems between them. The only hope for their survival was if Julia Nolan won the Veto. Unfortunately, that seemed like a highly unlikely scenario on Big Brother 17.


Liz Nolan and Austin Matelson became this week’s targets. Vanessa Rousso wanted Liz out the game. Meanwhile, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire wanted Austin out. The actual Head of Household was undecided. Everything depended on this Veto.

If Austin or Liz won it, the one remaining on the block would be evicted. This meant that the only way to save both members of Liztin was for Julia to win the Veto and take off Liz. This meant Johnny Mac or Vanessa would go on the block.

Then Liz and Julia would vote them out and keep the Austwins alive. Austin and Liz even said that they would throw the Veto competition to ensure that Julia won it. According to Austin, things did not go as planned.

The Veto competition was a spinning bowling one, similar to the one played in Big Brother 15. The final round came down to Austin and Johnny Mac. Austin won the Veto. Apparently, early in the game Julia tried to eliminate him.


This made Austin worry that he was the target. Therefore, he fought hard for the Veto. Austin winning the Veto sent Liz even more down the rabbit hole. She even went as far as to develop a conspiracy theory that he always wanted to see Julia and her on the block next to each other.

Apparently, Austin also called out Vanessa, which caused a big mess post-Veto but they seem to have gotten over it now. Big Brother 10 and 11’s Jessie Godderz came to host the competition.

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