Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Is the End Near for Austwins?

Yesterday, the Scamper Squad made it to the final six players. Liz Nolan, Julia Nolan, Steve Moses, Vanessa Rousso, and Austin Matelson have played Big Brother 17 as a unit for quite awhile. It got them this far in the Big Brother 2015 house. However, as they edge closer to the final, they needed to turn on one another.

BB17-Liz and Austin

Prior to John “Johnny Mac” McGuire‘s eviction, Vanessa, Steve, and him teamed up to go after Liz, Julia, and Austin in the final six. They knew there was no shaking their bond. Plus, Liz has constantly proved herself as a competition capable player.

Yesterday, Liz won her third Head of Household, which made her target grow. Nearly bloodless Steve knew he needed to make a move against them this week, or kiss his chances of winning Big Brother goodbye.

Last night, he discussed with Johnny Mac, Austin, and Vanessa his plans for the week. Austin knew Steve wanted to take out a twin. He just hoped he wouldn’t be on the block next to them. He tried to offer Steve all sorts of deals, but he refused them.

Vanessa also wanted to make sure Steve took out a twin, and that he nominated Austin next to either Liz or Julia. John, however, had a different plan in mind. He wanted Steve to nominate Austin and Liz, but take out Austin.

He saw the danger in keeping Vanessa and Austin in the game together. Steve understood John’s theory about Vanessa and Austin teaming up. However, he wanted to minimize his danger going into the following week.

This morning, Steve warned Austin and Liz that he planned to nominate them for eviction. Since finding out, Liz and Julia have spent the majority of the day crying. Austin has been trying to work his social game to protect himself.

In a few hours, the nomination ceremony should take place. It might lead to an even more dramatic reaction from Liz. The only scenario where an Austwin does not get evicted this week is if Julia wins the veto and takes off Liz. We will have to wait until tomorrow to see what happens.

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