Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 11 Head of Household Results

Big Brother 2015 ended last night’s episode with two evictions. Beloved Big Brother 17 players left in another-sort-of predictable double eviction. This left the house in a three versus three scenario. Which side will gain the power going into week 11?


With Liz Nolan being the outgoing Big Brother 17 Head of Household, she was ineligible to play in tonight’s competition. This meant it was John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, Steve Moses, and Vanessa Rousso against Julia Nolan and Austin Matelson.

The odds were better in favor for a John, Steve, or Vanessa win. Liz came out in her hosting outfit prior to the Head of Household competition. It looked like the HOH competition would be a baseball themed one, which might have given Austin a slight edge in the competition.

After a little over an hour competition, Steve became the newest Head of Household. It was another puzzle based competition. It seems like the houseguests had to assemble pictures of former houseguests in a series of rounds, similar to the Ginger Fever one.

Currently, Steve plans to target one of the twins. We will have to wait to see if he actually executes this plan.

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