Big Brother 2015 Episode 32 Recap: The End of the Goblins

Big Brother 2015 had a whirlwind night as we went into the second double eviction of the season. When Big Brother 17 ended on Wednesday, Meg Maley and Julia Nolan were on the block.


By winning the Hide and Go Veto competition, James Huling saved himself from eviction. However, he was about to lose his closest ally. He needed a Big Brother 2015 miracle. Read our Big Brother 17 recap below to find out if something happened to save Meg from eviction, and how the double eviction played out.

The Freak Out Before the Storm

Prior to Thursday’s eviction, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Steve Moses really consider flipping the vote. However, after a conversation with Vanessa, Steve decides against it. But the anxiety of the decision causes him to throw up.

The Massive Storm

Host Julie Chen addresses the Big Brother 17 houseguests to let them know that tonight is a double eviction.

Julia and Meg give their speeches, and then voting begins. Everyone, but James votes to evict Meg.

Meg becomes the fourth member of the Big Brother 2015 jury.

Julie asks Meg if there is any romantic possibility for James and her future. Of course, she says no. She also asks whether Meg regretted not taking out Vanessa instead of Shelli Poole. She says she doesn’t regret it, but it is “ironic” to be in this situation because of Vanessa.

Head of Household:


Big Brother Road Trip: Houseguests must view a series of photos. After viewing two, they must answer a series of true or false questions about the pictures.

James and Steve are eliminated in the second round. Next Austin Matelson and Johnny Mac are eliminated. It comes down to twin vs twin. Julia and Liz Nolan repeatedly answer questions correctly and the same.

Finally, Liz becomes the newest Head of Household.


She nominates James and Johnny Mac.

The Power of Veto Competition:

Boomerang: Houseguests must roll this balls down a ramp. They have two rolls. The balls can then fall into one of twenty-five slots. The player to get the highest total wins the Veto.

Steve and John both roll zeroes. Liz and Austin tie with fifteen points. Julia then scores a seventeen. James rolls a zero as well. Vanessa is not playing in this veto competition. Julia wins the Power of Veto. She decides not to use it.


The houseguests vote. Everyone votes out James over John. James becomes the fifth member of jury.

Julie decides to ask him also about his romantic future with Meg. He says that he has been trying to get her for seventy-five days, and still nothing. So he says that he needs to throw in the towel. Julie also asks him why he has been laying low in the game recently. He says that he wanted to stay under the radar to kind of get forgotten about for awhile.

Join us again later tonight to see who gets crowned the newest Big Brother 17 Head of Household.

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