Live Feed Update: Kristen and Andrew Fight

**Warning, spoilers may be within this post**
The Big Brother 12 fights are few and far between so far, but today Andrew and Kristen had it out for the whole house to hear.  It all started when Andrew decided to go up to Kristen and Kathy in the bathroom and tell them that he knew they were “playing him like a fiddle.”  Andrew was apparently upset that Kristen has spent all her time with Kathy this week and none with him.  His method of attacking them pissed off Kristen, and a scream match ensued between her and Andrew in the bedroom.  Andrew came off as a little jealous kid, and the feeling in the house is that Andrew sealed his fate on tomorrows eviction.  Kristen explained to him that Kathy came to her all week and she was there for her, the same way she would have been if Andrew came to her.  Andrew felt that Kristen should have came to him and comforted him about being on the block and reaffirmed her vote with him.  Andrew is the goofball of the season and showed it in this fight.  If Andrew goes, his secret alliance with Brendon and Rachel (if there really is one, we can’t really tell what Andrew is really thinking sometimes) will weaken and the house goal of breaking the two up will continue on.

Follow the aftermath of the fight right now on the live feeds.