Post-Fight Update: Will Kathy or Andrew Go Home?

We are less than 24 hours away from the third eviction of the season, and tonight either Kathy or Andrew will be going home.  Earlier we reported on Andrew fighting with Kristen, and that incident seems to have swayed most of the house to send Andrew out.  Andrew has been breaking down crying all day since the fight, and even called a house meeting to address the situation with everyone.  Brendon coached Andrew and gave him pointers on how to handle the house meeting.  During the meeting Andrew explained that being a have not and being lonely in the house have caused him to flip out, and he apologized for his actions.  He openly cried in front of the house, which caused many to feel bad for him, but the question is do they feel bad enough to not send him home?

Brendon is digging his own grave by practically begging the other houseguests to keep Andrew, even though Andrew openly said he was going after Andrew and Rachel, which obviously tells them something is up between them.  So the great debate of the house this week, who deserves to stay?  And who deserves to go.  Comment below and let us know if Kathy or Andrew should go home next.

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