Big Brother 2015 Episode 31 Recap: Hide and Go Veto

Head of Household Vanessa Rousso declared war on the Goblins (Meg Maley and James Huling) when she nominated them this week on Big Brother 2015. The pair were semi-blindsided by her nominations. They believed only one of them would go up as a pawn.

BB17-Week 10-Veto Ceremony

They wanted Vanessa to take out John “Johnny Mac” McGuire or Steve Moses this week instead of them. Unbeknownst to them, Vanessa is basically aligned with everyone in the house but them. James and Meg needed a Big Brother miracle to stay in the game. Did they get one? Find out by reading our Big Brother 17 recap below.

Veto Competition

Meg and James are devastated to learn that one of them might go home this week. They receive a brief explanation from Vanessa about why she nominated them. However, it doesn’t help make things better for them.

Players are picked for Veto: Julia Nolan, Liz Nolan, and Austin Matelson are selected to play, along with Head of Household Vanessa, and nominees James and Meg.

BB17-Week 10 Veto Players

Hide and Go Veto: One by one, players must enter the Big Brother 17 house to hide their Veto card. Next, each player enters individually to search for other player’s Vetoes. They have two minutes to locate a Veto. The player to keep their Veto hidden after five rounds, wins this week Power of Veto competition.


Round 1: Vanessa finds a Veto card (Liz)
Round 2: Julia finds a Veto card (Vanessa)
Round 3: Meg finds a Veto card (Julia)
Round 4: James finds a Veto card (Meg)
Round 5: Vanessa finds a Veto card (Austin).

One by one, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Steve Moses reveal whose Veto was found. It comes down to Austin and James as being the winner of this week’s Power of Veto competition. Finally, it is revealed that James won it.

Vanessa immediately starts to freak out. She needs to decide who to put up as a replacement nominee to ensure that Meg leaves on Thursday. John and Steve seem too risky as nominees, because Austin, Liz, and Julia might switch the votes to save Meg.

Post-Veto Competition


Vanessa proposes the idea of putting Julia on the block to ensure that Meg goes home. Liz, Austin, and Julia are not so sure about that plan. They want her to try to take Johnny Mac out. She tries to divert this idea because it would hurt her game to take him out.

Austin has a conversation with Meg and James. James makes it clear that Vanessa is his target from now on in the game. Austin immediately runs up to the Head of Household room to tell Vanessa.

Later, James and Vanessa try to hash it out. He criticizes her for playing the game “too hard.” She gets angry with him for judging her game. Vanessa says that this gives her more incentive to take Meg out, to weaken James’s game.

Veto Ceremony


James uses the Veto to save himself from eviction. Therefore, Vanessa must name a replacement nominee. She names Julia. She hopes that this guarantees Meg’s eviction from the Big Brother 2015 house.

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