Big Brother 2015: Who Should Be Evicted in Week 10? (POLL)

Tomorrow night either Meg Maley or Julia Nolan will be evicted from the Big Brother 17 house. Right now, the odds seem heavily in favor of a Meg eviction. However, on Big Brother 2015 anything can happen.

BB17: Julia Nolan and MEg Maley

Most of the Big Brother 17 players want to evict Meg to free James Huling from their alliance. They hope that without Meg, James will be more open to form new alliances. Head of Household Vanessa Rousso worries that once Meg leaves, James will gun for her head.

Basically, she is right. The only way for Vanessa to try to amend their shaky Big Brother 2015 relationship is to keep Meg safe this week. This seems highly unlikely because Vanessa has had an alliance with Julia, Liz Nolan, and Austin Matelson the entire season.

In order to save Meg, she must betray her whole alliance. Nevertheless, Vanessa is not the one who votes this week. Liz and Austin are almost guaranteed votes against Meg.

John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Steve Moses are more free agents. They could vote to save Meg, but it might severely hurt their place with their “alliance.” Voting Julia out seems like a smart move for them if they want to slightly weaken the “three headed-monster” of Austwins.

Right now, Steve and Johnny Mac seem set on keeping Julia. Yesterday, James developed a complex plan to get Austin to vote out Julia, while they frame Steve for the betrayal. This would make Steve target number one.

Last night, James and Meg discussed the plan with Johnny Mac. He pointed out how this plan probably won’t work. Late last night, Meg attempted to propose James’s idea to Austin, but he dismissed it. He worries that it could hurt his future with Liz outside of the show.

Even though, there is a high probability of Meg’s eviction, who do you think should be evicted this week on Big Brother 2015?

Who Should Be Evicted This Week on Big Brother 17? free polls

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