Live Feed Update: Rachel and Kristen Squaring Off in HOH

All the tension since the big fight between Kristen and Rachel after the HOH competition is coming to a head right now as Kristen and Rachel are talking for the first time in Rachel’s HOH room.  Things have cooled off enough to talk, but the tension is still in the air and they are not being friendly with each other and not agreeing with anything the other says.  Before Kristen came up, Rachel said she hoped Kristen didn’t try to punch her, so that is the level these two are at.  See how it all plays out right now on the live feeds.

  • Katy24

    the shameless movie plug for other guys was awful, are we really all going to go out and watch it now? anyway i thought the bubble bath scene was pretty funny. if anyone wants a recap, here’s a good one!