Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Will Austin Channel Judas and Betray Liz?

Early this morning, James Huling thought of a brilliant Big Brother 2015 plan. James is finally ready to play the Big Brother 17 game in a sneaky way. However, does his plan have a chance?

BB17: Clown Austin and Vanessa

Around 4am, James discussed with Meg Maley the idea of evicting Julia Nolan this week instead of her. The plan involves getting Austin Matelson to vote to evict Julia. He would also need John “Johnny Mac” McGuire to agree to vote against Julia as well.

James wants Austin to leave his emotions out of the game. He wants him to become a true Judas and take out Julia, and then blame it on Steve Moses. James wants to get John to also vote out Julia, and agree to blame Austin’s vote on Steve.

This is an exciting prospect but a very unlikely one for a few reasons. The first one is that Austin seems to care more about his relationship with Liz Nolan than winning the game and money. Even if he votes out Julia as part of a game move (and to make good TV), it would most likely hurt his future with Liz.

Austin is not going to risk that relationship, unless he does not care about Liz as much as he claims. Secondly, Johnny Mac is still one hundred percent loyal to Steve. He would warn Steve of the plan. John might agree to it, but then switch his vote to evict Meg.

BB17: Austin Matelson and Liz Nolan

He could use this move (if Austin actually does vote out Julia) to turn the house against Austin. However, Austin can do the same to John. Neither men trust each other, so they both could use it as ammo to help turn the house against one another. We do not see either of them really taking the risk.

Another problem is that Johnny Mac has now become very close with Vanessa. He will likely tell her about this plan way before Thursday. This covers him from any implications if Austin does vote against Julia, but it also probably shuts the plan down way in advance.

James should forget about trying to flip Austin’s vote, and instead work on actually securing Steve, John, and Vanessa’s agreement to save Meg over Julia. If he works on Austin before Steve, he completely loses any chance of winning Steve’s vote to save Meg.

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