Week 4 POV Spoilers

**Warning, spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

Time to catch up on what has gone down this week after Rachel nominated Kristen and Hayden for eviction.  The POV competition this week involved playing pinball games (which is why the house practiced a similar game on After Dark a couple of nights ago.)  The game involved people “winning” different “prizes,” some of which weren’t prizes at all.  It was a game of taking something away from another person and trading what the person had etc.  Britney ended up with the POV, Hayden ended up locked in solitary confinement for 24 hours in the have not room, Enzo won a 3D TV, Rachel won 5 thousand dollars that can be used to negotiate any time in the game, Ragen won a POV pass that can be used any time in the game to play in a POV competition, and Kristen won a “hippie-tard” that she has to wear for the rest of the week.  All of this will air on this Wednesday’s CBS show.

Being that Britney won the POV, a lot of the buzz in the house was whether Britney would use it or not.  Both Kristen and Hayden tried to figure a way to get Britney to use it.  Britney said she was willing to use it if she knew Rachel would put up Kathy as the replacement.  Things went as far as Kristen and Hayden going to talk to Brendon and Rachel last night, and offering a super secret alliance with them.  The group even shook hands on the deal, which would see Britney use the POV on Hayden, put up Kathy, with Kathy going home.  At the last minute Rachel changed her mind and decided she wants Kristen gone, and said she would put Lane up if Britney used the POV.  Needless to say, Britney did not end up using the POV at the ceremony, so as of now it looks like Kristen is going home.

So yet another week of Brendon and Rachel running the house, but almost everyone in the house is aiming to break them up next week.  All we can hope is that Brendon does NOT win HOH and continue this reign of boredom that Brenchel are at the helm of.

  • Anonymous

    Why would you want anyone else but Rachel or Brenden to win HOH? The entire house is out to get them and they are beating the odds and winning when they have to. What a group of losers. Thank goodness for Rachel and Brenden!

  • Anonymous

    Forget getting rid of Brendan and Rachel..let’s get a new camera crew! Why do we want a close up of Kristen (right and left profile) for 2 or 3 minutes?? As usual she was doing nothing and then there’s Kathy.. last nite Aug.3 she was surely posing laying on her side on the floor breasts in close up per the same obsessed camera crew!! Then there’s the usual pool game, the championship no less, but the cameras focused continually on the guys faces and their shots which of course didn’t include the pool table! Come on who are these idiots..why do we watch? No reason anymore for me and my friends..oh also while there was (at last) alively and good conversation with the houseguests in the kitchen,all of a sudden we are again on closeup of Kristen doing nothing, minute after minute, then back to the kitchen but oops back to Kristen…I’m saying all this because I used to look forward to After Dark and signed up to pay but this will be my last effort..no one listens on your crew and nothing improves. I’m not the only one but I guess there must be morepeople willing to stare at Kristen and Kathy than people like me and my friends..