Huge HOH Endurance Competition Going on Now on Live Feeds

We just wrapped up a huge live show, and Kristen has been evicted from the house.  Julie revealed that tonight’s HOH competition may be the biggest ever, as the winner will get the Pandora’s Box offer.  It was revealed that America chose Ragen as the new saboteur, and should the HOH choose to take the pandora’s box offer, the new saboteur will be unleashed on the house.

Right now the housguests are up on a spinning paint can, with paint shooting on them, and giant brushes smacking them as they pass by.  The first houseguest to drop will be the ONLY have-not this week.  Will the housguests be able to outlast Brendon and breakin up the Brenchel alliance?  This competition is one that could go for hours, as the houseguests are very motivated to win this week.  Follow the HOH competition and be the first to know who the most powerful HOH of the season will be by watching the live feeds.

  • Anonymous

    I think Brendon is a wimp. I hope he gets to see the show before getting down on one knee…If he can not see Rachel for the drunk or alcoholic she is, he is blind. She has been drunk over 75% of the time in the house. She is a very very self-centered person and phony. I hope Brendon’s family will slap him around before making the biggest mistake of his life or he will just become a drunk like her. He is already showing signs of being pussy-whipped. It would be wise if Rachel’s family did an interventation on her…..!!!!!!!!!