Big Brother 2015 Episode 30 Recap: The Chess Queen

Tonight on Big Brother 2015, the jurors return for a second chance at the game. Last Thursday, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire became the newest member of the jury house. By a unanimous vote, he became another victim of the Big Brother pawn game. Now Shelli Poole, Jackie Ibarra, Becky Burgess, and John have Big Brother 17 revenge on their mind.

BB17-James and Meg

Meanwhile, the remaining Big Brother 17 houseguests fought for power. Whoever won the “Dizzyland” competition became the newest Head of Household. A few houseguests were in danger of eviction last week. So winning this week’s competition was critical for their game future. Did they pull it off?

On Thursday, the houseguests were spinning out of control for the Head of Household. Here are the results of this week’s competition.

Julia Nolan is the first eliminated.
Meg Maley is the second eliminated.
Steve Moses is the third eliminated.
James Huling is the fourth eliminated.
Liz Nolan is the fifth eliminated.
Jackie is the sixth eliminated.
Becky is the seventh eliminated.
Shelli is the eighth eliminated.
John is the ninth eliminated.

Vanessa Rousso is the final person standing and becomes the newest Head of Household. Additionally, John wins his place back in the house. During the competition, Vanessa tries to make a deal with John, but he rejects it. This is part of his plot to not expose their alliance. Liz, Julia, and Austin freak out about John being back in the house.

BB17-Week 10 HOH

They are also worried that he would win the Head of Household competition and go right after them. They immediately try to make Vanessa agree to nominate and evict John this week. Meanwhile, Vanessa admits that prior to John’s eviction, she made a deal with him.

She wants to secretly work with Steve and him. This is her side alliance to combat Austin, Liz, and Julia. John, Steve, and Vanessa plan to stay true to their secret deal. This leaves only two possible targets this week: Meg and James.

Vanessa revels to Austin, Liz, and Julia that James said he would target them. James did say this, but only after being baited by Vanessa. He also said it when they started to question Austin, Liz, and Julia from information John gave them prior to his eviction.


Later, Meg and James talk to Vanessa about the plan for this week. She leads them to believe that they may be pawns. She wants to get information on Austin from them, but they give her none. Instead, they both offer to go up as pawns to save the other one from doing it.

Vanessa takes this as more proof that their bond is too strong. This makes them an even bigger target in her mind.

During the nominations, Vanessa sticks to her main plan. She nominates Meg and James up for eviction. Return this Wednesday to see who won this week’s Big Brother 17 Power of Veto competition. Will they use it to save either James or Meg?

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