Spoilers: The Week 5 HOH is…….

**Warning, spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

Well we expected the HOH to go on for hours and be a lengthy battle, but it turns out the competition is already over, and Matt has once again won HOH.  Once Brendon dropped, he went into his usual whining/bitching/crying routine about how the ledge was too small and the competition wasn’t made for big people etc.  Since he was gone, the others really saw no point in fighting a whole lot, and it came down to Matt and Ragen just like the last endurance competition.  Kathy dropped first so she is the one and only have-not for the week.  With Matt as HOH, Brendon and Rachel know they are the major targets this week, and are already talking about how they have to win POV.  Should make for an interesting week even though it’s crazy the same people keep winning HOH.

  • Penneylover2004

    And Brendon is still whining! I like him but I’m sick of his whining. He thinks every competition should revolve around him and Rachel. Good grief!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04901036627577474769 Diana-Lynne Ramirez

    Brendon should of neeeeeeeever hooked up with Rachael. Brendon is actually a really cool dude he’s just chained to a psycho chick.

  • Anonymous

    There’s no way that Brendon is cool at all as long as he’s so sprung on that annoying rachel

  • stac

    Why is it every time someone gets evicted dumb ass rachel always says (in there farewell message) that the person evicted was getting between her and her man! HOW Stupid is she! she needs to grow up already. its getting old

  • Sonja

    Because not only is the show as she said “not always about Brenden” she is so stupid that she doesn’t realize the show isn’t all about her either. Wish he would see her for who she really is. How can he already be so in love with such a controlling, whining, pouting, psycho?