Big Brother 2015 Episode 30 Preview-The Jurors’ Revenge (VIDEO)

Big Brother 2015 had an exciting week. Last week, we witnessed an eviction that was not determined until the last few minutes on Big Brother 17. Next, one of those evictees had another chance at the game. Would they take this opportunity to seek revenge?


CBS recently released a promotional video of tonight’s Big Brother 17 episode. The video exaggerates the evicted houseguests need for revenge. It also heavily shows this week’s Head of Household competition.

Live feed watchers already know the competition did not last too long. However, CBS will probably try to extend it to the first fifteen minutes of the episode. Not much, in terms of game talk, happened between the competition and nomination. So we may be in for a lot of filler during tonight’s episode.

Additionally, for the first time in forever, Vanessa made her mind up about a game move. She picked two targets and took an aim. We will also see that transpire tonight. Watch the sneak peek of tonight’s Big Brother 17 episode below.

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