Live Feed Update: Another Fight in the House

**Warning, spoilers may be within this post**
It hasn’t been 24 hours since Matt won HOH for the second time, and the tension is already rising.  Minutes ago Rachel tried to talk to Matt about nominations, and Ragan was also in the room with them.  Ragan tried to leave and let them talk, but Rachel wanted him to stay.  After some talk, Ragan again wanted to leave, which prompted Rachel to get bitchy with him and start yelling at Ragan and telling him to “just go!”  The shouting was heard by Brendon who as in the kitchen, and when Ragan finally left the cabana room, Brendon mumbled “2 on 1,” which caused Ragan to get into it with Brendon.  Rachel was soon on the scene of course, trying to explain the situation.  Some mediocre apologies were made, and Brendon and Rachel headed right back to Matt for more game talk.  The seeds have been planted for some explosions in the house, and things are heating up before the Pandora’s box offer is even made.  The Pandora’s box offer may be made at any minute now, so we’re not sure if we will be seeing that or more fights going on.  Keep up with everything as it happens now on the live feeds.
  • Anonymous

    Rachel is such a big baby and pouts all the time. She acts like everyone is just suppose to stop, drop and give her the money….She gets pissy at Brenden every day and whins about the things he does when it doesnt go her way. My god Brenden grow some balls and stand up for yourself. Boy bet he wil be ashamed of himself when he watches the replay

  • Anonymous

    britney needs no wait everyone hating on brendon in rachel inside that house needs to go to HELL BITCHES!
    britney is sooooooooooo FUCKING FAKE!