Big Brother 2015: Week 10 Power of Veto Results

Friday, Vanessa Rousso nominated the only two players in the Big Brother 2015 house not on her side. She made it clear that she wanted them out. Vanessa usually gets what she wants on Big Brother 17. However, could something finally not go her way?


This morning, veto players were picked. Those chosen ones are Head of Household Vanessa, nominees Meg Maley and James Huling, Austin Matelson, Liz Nolan, and Julia Nolan. A few hours ago, the Power of Veto competition began.

Prior to it, Vanessa and Austin talked about possible replacement scenarios. Not-so secretly, Austin wants to nominate John “Johnny Mac” McGuire. He wants to finish the job he tried to do last week.

He and Julia have been working to plant the idea that James and John are working together. So that if they cannot get James out this week, John is the next best option. Vanessa seems receptive to this idea.

Nevertheless, she told Steve Moses and John a different story. She proposed that she put up Julia or Liz to ensure that the votes did not flip. Earlier today, she talked about evicting Steve, if they put him on the block as a replacement nominee.


We honestly do not think she plans to evict Steve. She just wants Austin to say he would evict Steve, to use it against him later. More than likely, Vanessa will try to convince Julia or Liz to go up on the block, if James or Meg remove themselves from it.

So this was another critical Veto. Fans wanted James to win, while Vanessa needed nominees to stay the same. It was another intense wait for the fans. After four hours,nearly five, James became the victor.

It was a tear the house to find Veto comp. Now with James as Veto holder, anything can happen. Be very afraid Big Brother 17 houseguests.

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