Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 10 Nomination Results-On the Outside

On Thursday night, Vanessa Rousso became the new Big Brother 17 Head of Household. She immediately began game talk. She started by diffusing Austin Matelson. This week, he angrily wanted to take another shot at John “Johnny Mac” McGuire. Vanessa had other plans in mind on Big Brother 2015.

BB17-The Goblins

She wanted to build a new super alliance. This alliance would be comprised of Austin, Liz Nolan, Julia Nolan, Johnny Mac, and Steve Moses. Her plan was to keep both fractions of the group believing they were her main allies. In the end, we will only see where Vanessa really stands in a few weeks.

Vanessa’s decision to pull this group together made Meg Maley and James Huling outsiders, and easy targets. She told everyone in the house her plan for the week: get one of them out. Next week, she wanted to evict the other one.

In reality, she hopes to evict James this week. Then she wants John-Steve going against Austin-Liz-Julia, and vice-versa. This will leave to her safety while each side tries to murder the other. Meanwhile, Meg will probably float until the end.

Vanessa stuck to her decision and nominated James and Meg. Prior to nominations, she planned a speech, similar to Austin’s nomination speech. Tomorrow James, Meg, Vanessa, and three other houseguests will play the Veto competition. Can Meg or James save themselves from eviction on Big Brother 17?

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