Live Feed Update: Huge Fight Involving Ragan, Rachel, Britney and Brendon

Well finally we’re getting some big fireworks in the house.  It all started with Rachel trying to talk to Ragan and Britney about all the drama between them.  Ragan basically pointed out everything Rachel has done, which Britney backed up.  Rachel of course left in tears, which of COURSE lead to Brendon coming to the rescue, dropping F bombs on Ragan which started a full blowout.  Britney laughed in Brendon’s face which stirred things even worse, with Britney and Brendon going face to face and Brendon talking about Britney’s relationship at home and “all the girls her fiance was banging.”  This is by far the biggest fight this season, and Rachel just now came out of the diary room after heading straight there to cry it out after she left her conversation.  Brendon is trying to piss everyone off because he is actually WANTING people to evict him and not Rachel, as earlier he directly asked Enzo and Kathy to vote him out.  So not only is he stupid, he’s now fired up and ready to fight with everyone.  Keep up with the action now on the live feeds.

  • Anonymous

    britney needs no wait everyone hating on brendon and rachel inside that house needs to go to HELL BITCHES!
    britney is sooooooooooo FUCKING FAKE!

  • Anonymous

    Wow you really need to push the keyboard away and not use it ever again. At least until you finish English class. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone understand the first persons post…..they can’t spell very many words but sure knows how to spell F–KING. Its a game and I feel most of the drama is fake.

  • Abby

    Does anyone know what time on the feeds I can watch “the fight” lol I was half asleep last night when it was happening and want to watch it

  • Anonymous

    “britney needs no wait everyone hating on brendon and rachel”

    Worst… Grammar… Ever….

  • Big Brother Fans Blog

    I believe the fight was around 10 pm roughly on the flashback clock.