Breaking BB16 Video: Preview of the Houseguests Competing in the First HOH!


So far very little information has been released about how this crazy 2 day premiere of Big Brother16 will work, nor has their been any pics or sneak previews like we usually get every year.  Well all of that just changed as CBS has released a sneak preview video of the houseguests competing in the first HOH competition of the season! 

In the video, we see Julie welcoming eight (yes EIGHT) of the houseguests to the competition which involves them staying on a rolling platform while holding on to a kite.  The number eight is significant because it is only half of the house, which will obviously lead to this competition crowing only 1 of the 2 eventual HOHs for this week. 

This little taste has us primed and ready for what will hopefully be a great season – just seeing all these fresh faces ready to compete can cause some major Big Brother withdrawal. So if you weren’t excited enough for the big premiere tomorrow night on CBS, this sneak preview video may just have you climbing the walls!