Goodbye to Brendon or Rachel Tonight…Finally!

You may be asking yourself just wtf is going on in the picture to the right…and it is indeed part of Brendon and Rachel’s farewell in the house.  While the house was on lockdown in the HOH as is traditional on eviction day, the couple decided to stay in the bathroom the entire time.  Rachel cut Brendon’s hair, and then broke down and cried….with her face buried in Brendon’s crotch.  Sooo, this went on for a while, apparently they didn’t realize what this looked like, as Brendon was even grabbing Rachel’s ass in the process.   So while it looked like Rachel was giving Brendon a uh, special farewell, it’s just been one big pity party for them. 

The good news for us all is that tonight is the night we finally get rid of one of them.  From the looks of things, it appears as if the house has told them that Brendon will be voted out, which is what he wants and has requested from some of the houseguests.  What they don’t know is that the plan is to evict Rachel, which will probably set Brendon off and cause more fights in the house.  The HOH competition will dictate how things shape up, but keep in mind no one knows that Matt has the “Diamond Power of Veto,” which will ensure he is safe  next week.

So while sadness fills the air that we no longer get to hear Brendon and Rachel constantly talking about how great they are or how they do no wrong, we may finally get some good trash talking tonight on the live feeds.  And of course things will really get shaken up if Brendon wins HOH, so in other words, tonight should be a great episode with tons of possibilities.
  • Anonymous

    Big Brother has this game mapped out for the next 3 weeks for sure! Brendon then Rachel…I feel like they are padding it for Matt…who should win the money to help with his wife’s bone disease. Did you see her teeth…omg! It will take all that cash to fix those choppers plus I’m sure he will need plastic surgery to cover up what those Piranha’s have done to his manhood.

  • Diana-Lynne Ramirez

    i really hope Rachael goes home…her voice makes me cringe in agony.

  • Anonymous

    DEATH TO RACHEL!!!!!!…..and hopefully brendon is not far behind.If you really love me god,you will make sure neither of those self-centered,immature,classless dorks never cross my path for the rest of my life.