Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Who Returns to the Game?

On Thursday, Big Brother 2015 ended with Jackie Ibarra, Becky Burgess, Shelli Poole, and John “Johnny Mac” McGuire reentering the house. They would fight it out for a second chance at the Big Brother 17 game.

BB17-Juror Comp

CBS pumped up the jurors’ return as an epic battle for revenge. Shelli wanted revenge on her alliance for betraying her and showmance partner Clay Honeycutt. Jackie wanted revenge on Steve Moses for taking her out the game. She also wanted to take out Vanessa Rousso for masterminding her demise.

Becky had a list of people she wanted to take out. However, she told interviewers that her main target was Liz Nolan. John also had reasons to want blood from Austin Matelson, Liz, and Julia Nolan.

When CBS ended their live broadcast, all the jury members were still fighting to remain in the game. In one of the quickest endurance competitions of all time, Becky, Jackie, and Shelli all were swiftly eliminated.

Apparently, Jackie got eliminated for breaking a rule by sitting on the disk. In the end, John won the juror return competition. He also battled it out for Head of Household and came really close to a victory.

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