Big Brother 2015 Episode 29 Recap: Returning Juror Comp Starts

Tonight Big Brother 2015 episode is an intense one. First, we had one of the most unpredictable eviction of the season. Next. two major decision needed to be made tonight on Big Brother 17: who returns and who wins Head of Household.

BB17-John and Julie

Earlier today, CBS announced that this week’s Head of Household competition, and juror returnee one, would be an endurance one. The last time we had a juror returnee and HOH endurance comp, was Big Brother 15. This competition lead to some classic moments. Find out what happened on tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode.

John Causes Chaos

Vanessa is still upset about learning of the five person alliance. She tells Steve to give her some time to get over it. Later, she talks to him. He continues to lie.

Meanwhile, John works harder to keep himself from eviction. He starts by campaigning to Vanessa, and then he tries to get the twins on his side. They aren’t sure if they can trust him more than Steve.

Live Vote and Eviction

BB17-John and Julie 2

John decides to go the goofy route for his speech, while Steve gives a really sincere one. He shows how good his speeches are compared to the other Big Brother 2015 houseguests.

John is evicted by a unanimous vote.

Battling it Out

John talks to host Julie Chen about his game, and making alliances too late in it. She also asks him about who he will target if he returns. Surprisingly, he says Meg Maley.

Julie then tells him that it is time for the jurors to return. We see a brief package of the jury house, and Becky Burgess entering it. CBS finally addresses her hurt toe.

Next, the Head of Household/Juror Return Competition begins.


Dizzyland: For this weeks, Head of Household competition, jury members and the remaining houseguests must spin around, while holding onto a wire. The last remaining houseguest becomes Head of Household. The last juror member returns to the game.

The episode ends with three people getting eliminated: Meg, Julia Nolan, and  Steve.

Other Notes:

We get a brief segment of James Huling’s hometown, and his friends. They talk about his relationship with Meg. They also talk about his goofy side, and social game.

Julia also announces that next Thursday is another double eviction. The final eight houseguests become six.

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