Live Feed Update: The Saboteur Strikes Again, and Not Just with a Video

**Warning, spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

As the clock winds down on Ragan winning 20 grand for being the new saboteur, he finally did something besides leave a message about a fake competition or a fake relationship in the house.  Last night he crept into one of the bedrooms with a note in hand.  At first he said to himself “I can’t do this” and walked out.  After seeing no one was around, he went back in and put the note under Enzo’s pillow.  The note read “I know your secret.”  Now this happened around the beginning of After Dark, and through the whole show and well into the late night/early morning hours on the live feeds, Enzo never went in the room and saw it. 
Eventually Enzo finally found the note, and woke everyone else up to tell them what happened.  Suspicion about who did it was quickly abound.  The speculation is that Kathy did it since she was in the bedrooms cleaning.  This act of sabotage may end up saving Britney from the block when Matt uses the diamond power of veto tomorrow night, since it looks like Kathy is the saboteur and they want to get the saboteur out.  Keep up with all the suspicion leading up to tomorrow’s “diamond power of veto” episode tomorrow on the live feeds.