The Diamond Power of Veto Turns the House Upside Down

The big diamond power of veto episode of Big Brother 12 is in the books, and the house took a major turn that has everyone in shock.  Matt stood up, pulled out the diamond power of veto which shocked the entire house.  Matt then chose Kathy as the replacement nominee, and she was evicted by a 5-0 vote.  Before the shock could settle in, it was time for the HOH competition, which saw Britney become HOH for the first time.  Britney as HOH opens up opportunity for more drama as Britney promised Brendon that she would not put him up if he didn’t put her up this past week.  Brendon even had Britney promise on her relationship that Brendon would be safe if she won.  Well she will most likely have to break that deal, which will send Brendon into one of his famous tantrums.  Ragan is by far the happiest person in the house, as he had spent the day crying about Matt leaving, and Ragan is also close with Britney, so he knows he and Matt are safe another week.  At least with Britney winning, it saves us one week of possibly having all males left in the house, which would probably cause the show to lose a lot of steam.

As the show ended, Julie informed us that next week is the double eviction episode that the houseguests have been predicting for 2 weeks now.  So as soon as a new HOH is crowned next week, they will make nominations, play veto, and have another eviction all in the same week.  Follow the aftermath of Britney winning HOH and the drama that will follow, subscribe to the live feeds and see the rest of the BB12 season feeds.