Big Brother 2015 Episode 28 Recap-Pokerface

On Sunday’s Big Brother 2015 episode, Head of Household Austin Matelson needed to decide between two allies: Steve Moses and Vanessa Rousso. He wanted to use them as pawns. His main Big Brother 17 target was John “Johnny Mac” McGuire.


However, he toyed with the prospect of evicting Vanessa. He just needed to decide if he should do it from the front or back door. Tonight, we see the Big Brother 2015 houseguests battle it out in the newest Zingbot competition.

By the end of the night, someone becomes the newest Veto holder. Will they use it to save either John or Steve from eviction? Continue below to find out.

As You Were…

John and Steve discuss how them being nominated most likely means that one of them is the target for this week.

Veto players are picked. John draws Meg Maley‘s name again. Austin picks Vanessa’s name, and Steve draws Julia Nolan‘s one.

After picking players, Liz Nolan tries to convince Austin to target John this week instead of Vanessa.

Zingbot Enters

BB17-Zingbot comp

The Zingbot enters the house and zings the houseguests. His most harmful zing is towards Liz about Austin’s girlfriend. This causes a little riff between them.

Some of the other zings involve, James Huling being friendzoned by Meg, John’s back hair and laugh, Steve being lame, Julia being dumb and less attractive than Liz, Vanessa crying, Austin stinking, and Meg having no game.

Newly Zingle: The houseguests have to try to figure out which parts of houseguests’ facial features are morphed together to form possible partners for Zingbot. The person to figure out all six morphed faces, in the quickest amount of time, wins the veto.

Julia sets the time to beat with 4:45. Austin and Steve fail to beat her time. Vanessa, however, does beat it, which makes the new time 2:51. John and Meg both fail to beat Vanessa’s time. Vanessa holds the Veto.

Last Ditch Efforts

BB17-John and Vanessa
John realizes that his time in the house is near its end. So Vanessa and him have a talk. She tells him how they’re both alone in the game.

Next, Vanessa discusses keeping John this week and using the Veto. He worries about going against his deal with James and Meg.

He tells her not to use it. She then tells John what Austin said, so John tells her about the five person alliance. The one with him, Steve, Liz, Julia, and Steve. Vanessa then confronts Liz about the alliance.

Liz admits to it. She tells then tells her that Steve orchastrated the alliance. Vanessa then confronts Steve about this claim. He denies it.

She angrily yells at him, before the Veto competition. Vanessa then gives a speech about not being able to trust Steve. She decides not to use the Veto. Tomorrow either John or Steve will be evicted. Who do you want to see go?

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