Major POV Competition Spoilers with Crazy Results

**Warning, spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

The results of one of the biggest POV competitions of the season are in, and there is a lot of fallout to report on.  First off the competition itself seemed to be the houseguests betting on prizes such as a phone call from home (won by Lane,) a trip to Hawaii….along with somehow Enzo wearing a penguin suit, and Brendon’s head being shaved BALD….that’s right, Brendon is now BALD coming out of this competition.  Even though all these “prizes” came out of this, the biggest prize was the POV, and once again Brendon came out as the winner.  So the whole house has been shaken up, and Brendon is not going home.  As soon as the live feeds came back on, there was a ton of scrambling and scheming going on.  With Brendon, Hayden, Enzo, and Lane talking about trying to get Britney to put up Matt as the replacement nomination to send home.  Britney is in the HOH pissed off and crying to Lane about winning nothing in the competition, and not achieving her goal of getting Brendon out. 

Also during Lane and Britney’s convo, something was mentioned about Brendon winning 24 hours in the HOH with Britney, not sure what the details are of that, but things are getting totally crazy in the house right now.

  • Lisa L.

    Wow, Bren and Brit are handcuffed together for 24 hours staring last night. Bren also has to take a “chum bath” every hour. It’s a nasty fishing green broth. Yuck!