Buy Kristen’s Hippietard and Wig From BB12 on Ebay

Every season there are a few hot items from the Big Brother season that end up on Ebay, and this year the first big item looks to be the hippietard and wig worn by Kristen.  There is quite the bidding war going on over the hippietard, with a ton of bids already placed all the way up to 700 bucks (as of this writing.)  This is the chance to own a piece of Big Brother 12 history, and I guess maybe even wear the thing if some of you out there are fans of tie dyed unitards.  We’ll be keeping watch if any other major items from the Big Brother 12 season end up on Ebay.  If you want to join in on the bidding war, check out Kristen’s hippietard on Ebay.

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