Double Eviction Night is Here, and a Brigade Member Will Go Home

Tonight is the big night, double eviction night which will see the fastest episode of the season go down.  For those of you who haven’t seen a double eviction episode in the past, tonight will kick off with voting and either Matt or Enzo going home, which will then be followed by the usual HOH competition.  Next up the new HOH will immediately name 2 nominees, a POV competition will be held, and another vote and eviction will go down right there tonight.  So 2 people will leave the house tonight, and the house has pretty much figured out that a double eviction is coming their way.  One thing is for sure, the Brigade will lose a member, and leave the alliance with only 3.

The word in the house has been that Matt is definitely going home, but after that it’s up in the air depending on who wins HOH.  Ragan will probably be the target if anyone else wins HOH, but if Ragan wins we’ll probably see Brendon targeted.  Of course POV is the X factor and whoever wins that could really shake things up and send someone unexpected home.  After tonight we will be down to the final 5, so the aftermath should be interesting to see who is left standing.  Check out the live feeds to watch the build up to double eviction night, and be the first to see the aftermath after 2 houseguests leave the house tonight.