When Do the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Start?

Big Brother 16 Live FeedsToday is THE big day; Big Brother 16 kicks off tonight with part one of the special 2 night premiere. While tonight is the official kick off of Big Brother 16, one big change that will undoubtedly throw some fans off is the fact that the live feeds do NOT begin tonight.  We’ve been receiving a ton of questions on this topic, so we’re here to set the record straight on how this live feed situation will work.

For the first time that we’re aware of, the Big Brother live feeds will not begin on the night of the premiere.  This move is undoubtedly being done because the premiere is a 2 night event that will see two HOHs crowned for the first time, and CBS obviously doesn’t want to give away any of the results before the full premiere airs.

So while tonight (June 25th) is indeed the Big Brother 16 premiere, the live feeds will not begin until tomorrow night (June 26th) following the CBS show.  The good news is there is still time to get the special early bird price on feeds and save 20% before they go live, but this is your last chance!

While watching the CBS premiere and not being able to watch the feeds after will undoubtedly cause some craziness with many Big Brother fans, Julie Chen’s show “The Talk” provided us with this preview just to make the wait for live feeds even more unbearable.  Looks like Frankie is already aiming to be a star of the show:

  • loulou

    Pretty sure Derrick will be the second HoH tonight!! As 30% of ICU guys! And you, what’s your opinion? We’ll check after who was right! goo.gl/hKBNhn