Big Brother 2015: Which Juror Should Return (POLL)?

On Thursday’s Big Brother 2015 episode, one of the first three jury members, plus John “Johnny Mac” McGuire or Steve Moses, will get the chance to return to the game. Each juror has a chance to really shake up the Big Brother 17 house.


Shelli Poole was nearly an unstoppable force during the first half of Big Brother 2015. However, when she lost her showmance partner Clay Honeycutt, her game kind of diminished. If Shelli returns, she comes with a vendetta against James Huling and Vanessa Rousso. She will have a single focus: get them out.

Jackie Ibarra was taken out of the Big Brother 17 game in a shocking double eviction. When Jackie was eliminated, she was just starting to find her game strive. If propelled back into the Big Brother house, she should come with a fire unlike any other jury member.

Becky Burgess left the game after attempting one of the biggest moves of the season. Becky’s intentions were good, just poor execution. If returned to the game, hopefully she can shake things up once again. She just needs to find a strong “team” to help her complete her goals.

If Steve leaves, he will be taken out by his alliance, one that he completely devoted his loyalty to. If he returns, he is bound to be a little bitter. We hope he is bitter enough to go after his former alliance members.

John has been playing a passive game all season. His eviction and possible return should activate the aggressive player he needs to become to win Big Brother 17.

Each evicted Big Brother 17 houseguests has enough fire to really change the game if they return to it. The only question is: who do you want to see return to Big Brother 17 this week? Vote below.

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