Matt and Brendon Both Evicted, Spoilers on New HOH

**Warning, spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

The Double Eviction whirlwind is over, and Matt and Brendon are heading to the jury house to join Rachel and Kathy.  Matt was evicted by unanimous vote, followed by Hayden winning HOH.  Hayden nominated Ragan and Brendon, but Ragan won the POV and took himself off.  Britney was named as replacement nominee, but Brendon was evicted by the second unanimous vote of the night.

So the final 5 are set, and the Brendon haters can rejoice that he is finally gone, but of course we are SURE to get an update from “Brenchel” in the jury house as soon as next week.  The next HOH competition has already happened, and Lane is now the HOH for the week.  This is going to be interesting, because Lane will probably have to nominate Britney along with Ragan.  If Ragan wins POV, Lane would probably put Britney up, which will probably cause some tension being Lane promised Britney that she wouldn’t be targeted and wouldn’t go home.  It’s time for Lane to show his alliance with the Brigade, unless he can keep Ragan on the block and evict him. So it’s 3 members of the Brigade vs. Britney and Ragan right now, whether they realize it or not.  Things are pretty unpredictable at this point, and hopefully production still has some tricks up their sleeve to keep things interesting.