Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Is John’s Game Dead?

Yesterday, there was a lot of excitement in the Big Brother 17 house. Power of Veto holder Vanessa Rousso decided to use it. She wanted to make a move that would benefit her Big Brother 2015 game.

BB17: Johnny Mac and Vanessa

Taking out James Huling was a better move for her than getting out John “Johnny Mac” McGuire or Steve Moses. She tried her hardest to get Head of Household Austin Matelson to agree to her idea.

She spent hours yesterday talking to all the remaining Big Brother 17 players. She wanted to form a secret alliance with Steve and Johnny Mac. Then take out Meg Maley or James. She sent her minion Julia Nolan to try to plant the seeds in Austin and Liz Nolan‘s head to take out James or Meg.

Originally, Vanessa wanted to evict Meg, but Austin immediately shut down that idea. In the end, Vanessa’s only hope was to find evidence on James’s disloyalty. She tried hard to find empirical evidence but found none.

She even tried to blow up a small misunderstanding between Johnny Mac and James, but this did not provide a convincing enough defense to save Johnny Mac and evict James. Earlier today, John made another attempt to save himself.

He told Vanessa some crucial information about the five person alliance between Johnny Mac, Steve, Austin, Julia, and Liz. Learning of this information, Vanessa then interrogated Liz about the alliance.

Liz failed to really cover up about the alliance. Instead, she blamed Steve for forming the alliance. This greatly upset Vanessa. We do not think that this will get Vanessa to take Johnny Mac off the block, but it will definitely create distrust between her, Austin, Liz, Julia, and Steve.

This might be enough for her to evict Steve, and keep Johnny Mac safe. She just needs to get Meg and James on her side, which seems unlikely, due to their alliance with Austin and the twins.

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