Live Feed Update: The Pandora’s Box Punishments Continue

**Warning, spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

As we saw on the CBS show tonight, Lane opening Pandora’s Box won him 91 bucks, but brought down 3 punishments on the house.  We saw the first was the loss of all their cups and silverware, and the second which should air Wednesday was that they received sock puppets of themselves and had to wear them any time they spoke, and if they spoke without them they would automatically become a have not. 

Then tonight, probably the most hilarious punishment was dealt.  Every so often, music will hit and everyone has to get up and dance!  Now while Britney shaking her ass from side to side looks like a dancing veteran, watching Lane and Hayden bust a move is quite a site.  Enzo and Ragan have their own style and don’t look too out of place, but the other guys are definitely a little awkward.  Punishment 3 continues on the live feeds so check it out if you want to laugh the night away at the houseguests “busting a move”…or at least attempting.