Big Brother 2015 Episode 27 Recap: Judas Gains Power

On tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode, the remaining eight houseguests race for victory. Last week, Head of Household Liz Nolan and her showmance partner Austin Matelson hinted about throwing the competition to John “Johnny Mac” McGuire. They wanted him to win this Big Brother 17 Head of Household to evict Vanessa Rousso.

BB17: Ready, Set, Whoa

Live feed watchers already know that things did not go as planned. On tonight’s episode, we also see the events leading up to the nomination ceremony. It was an intense twenty-four hours on Big Brother 2015.

Read below to find out what else happened on tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode.

Ready, Set Whoa: For this week’s Head of Household competition, players must run when they see the word “go.” Before the word “go” is shown, several words that rhyme with it will play on the screen.

If a player takes their hand off their buttons, before “go” appears, they are automatically eliminated from the competition. They are also eliminated if they are the last runner in each round.

Round 1: Meg Maley is eliminated
Round 2: Julia Nolan is eliminated by taking her hand off the buttons.
Round 3: Vanessa is eliminated by taking her hand off the buttons.
Round 4: Johnny Mac is eliminated.
Round 5: Steve Moses is eliminated by taking his hand off the buttons.

BB17: James vs Austin

It comes down to Austin versus James Huling. Austin considers throwing the competition to James but ultimately decides against it.

Austin wins this week’s Head of Household competition.

Alliance Roulette

Austin decides that he wants to stay loyal to Meg and James this week. This means that he must break his alliance with either Steve, Johnny Mac, or Vanessa.

BB17: Scamper Squad

He immediately decides to eliminate Johnny Mac, because it gives him the least blood on his hands. Now he needs to decide on a pawn to put on the block next to Johnny Mac. He wants to nominate him with Steve, but Steve refuses to go up on the block.

Therefore, Austin switches his decision. He will nominate Vanessa and Johnny Mac, but worries about this eliminating her as his backdoor option. Vanessa talks to him about nominations.

She tries to convince Steve to go up as a pawn. He still refuses to agree to do it. Later, Steve tells Liz and Austin that he will go up as a pawn but not next to Johnny Mac.

He fears going up next to Johnny Mac confirms that Austin trusts Meg and James more than them. Liz becomes annoyed that Steve refuses to be a pawn. She runs to complain about it to Vanessa.

BB17: Liz and Vanessa

Vanessa returns to the Head of Household room to convince Austin to nominate Steve. The two of them talk about what’s been bothering Austin: her part in almost backdooring him.

She makes him feel guilty for questioning her loyalty. Austin then gives the weirdest nomination speech in Big Brother history. He basically talks about life, Judas, and him almost being backdoored. This has nothing to do with Johnny Mac or Steve.

However, in the end, Austin decides to nominate Steve and Johnny Mac for eviction.

BB17: Week 9 Nominees

Tune in Wednesday to see if someone uses the Veto to save one of them.

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