Big Brother 2015: Preview of Episode 27-Vanessa’s Emotional Strategy (VIDEO)

Tonight, a new episode of Big Brother 2015 airs. On this episode, we see the final rounds of last week’s Head of Household competition. On Thursday’s Big Brother 17 episode, Meg Maley had just been eliminated from the competition.

BB17: Vanessa Rousso and Steve Moses

After Austin Matelson won this week’s Head of Household competition, Steve Moses and Vanessa Rousso battled for control. They both wanted to control who Austin nominated for eviction. Austin switched up his nominees up until the nomination ceremony.

John “Johnny Mac” McGuire agreed to go on the Big Brother 17 block. So that set him as the first nominee and target. Next, he went back and forth on nominating Vanessa or Steve as pawns.

In the end, he nominated Steve and Johnny Mac. However, feed watchers knew there was only a slight possibility of Vanessa’s nomination. This week, CBS decided to play up the possibility of Vanessa’s nominations with their promotional video.

They also emphasize Vanessa using emotional manipulation to secure her safety. Check out the latest Big Brother 2015 preview below.

Join us later tonight for the recap of this Big Brother 17 episode.

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