Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Vanessa Targets Steve, Johnny Mac, and James

Last week on Big Brother 2015, Austin Matelson sold a bag full of lies. He told all the Big Brother 17 houseguests that he wanted Vanessa Rousso evicted. He was going to let someone else win Head of Household and end her game.

BB17-Austin's Angels

We knew Austin was not true to his word when he won Head of Household. He also seems scared of Vanessa, so we knew there was only a little chance of her eviction. Last night, the Power of Veto competition turned Vanessa’s very slight eviction probability to nonexistent.

During the morphing Zingbot competition, Vanessa won it and became the Veto holder. As it, she has the power to Veto one nomination. Immediately following her win, Vanessa tried to get intel from Big Brother houseguests.

After the Veto competition, Meg Maley cried about her poor game performance. Vanessa took it as a personal attack against her winning it. She thought Meg was crying because she was the backdoor target. She tried to question John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Steve Moses about a possible backdoor plan, but both denied it.

Later, she had a long talk with Austin, Liz Nolan, and Julia Nolan, which solidified their alliance once again. Austin then threw everyone that was not Liz or Julia under the bus. Vanessa then started spinning crazy theories.

One of those theories involved Steve, John, Meg, and James Huling being in a secret alliance. Austin, Liz, and Julia completely bought this theory. They then worked to decide who to evict this week.

Today, Austin’s Angels plan to interrogate Meg, James, Johnny Mac, and Steve to find out the “mastermind” of their secret fake alliance. The player to reveal himself as the mastermind, will be evicted. However, it seems like Austin just wants to stick to his plan to evict Johnny Mac to not have blood on his hands.

However, Vanessa wants Steve evicted because he is her biggest competition, both physically and mentally. James is her second option due to his endurance performances, and the possibility of joining forces with Jackie Ibarra if she returns to the Big Brother 2015 house.

It does not look like a good week for either Steve or John because without each other, the other person will be an easy eviction target the following week, or the week after the houseguests evict the returning juror. If James goes, Meg will be in a really bad spot as well.

The best case scenario for anyone to actually take out Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Julia would be for Steve to get voted out this week. Then Jackie or him return to the game. They pull John, Meg, and James together to team up and take out the other side. Otherwise, the game is getting to a point where Vanessa, Liz, Julia, or Austin are guaranteed to make final four and win.

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